13 bridal hairstyles with extensions for your wedding

A particularly beautiful bridal hairstyle for the big day

Are you getting married soon (yay!)? Or do you just want to get some inspiration about what kind of beautiful hairstyles can be made (also fun!)? We have no less than 13 different bridal hairstyles in various colors in a row for you. Even if you have thin and/or short hair, these beautiful creations can (just) be realized with you! In all these hairstyles is a set of clip-in extensions of Zascha Hair processed. The affordable and high quality 100% human hair extensions that make you feel extra special on your big day! From elegant updo to boho braid and from minimalist to majestic: which dream hairstyle do you choose?

How do I get such a beautiful haircut with extensions?

Curious to find out how you can get such a beautiful bridal hairstyle for goodness sake at your wedding? Then take a look at our blog how you can your perfect bridal hairstyle with clip-in extensions chooses and creates.

"Do you have thin and short hair? Then these beautiful bridal hairstyles can (just) be realized with you! Clip-in extensions of Zascha Hair are used in all these hairstyles."

Minimalist dreamer

Hair queen Nicole Drege here has the Dark Blonde Mix used. Especially for the ladies who have many different shades of blond in their hair. Do you have dark blond hair and want more depth, but you'd rather not dye it? Then this set is definitely a godsend! Because of the many shades he will mix with your own hair and add a highlight.

Elegant updo

The Melted Blonde Classic here melts nicely together with the high and low lights of the model. This updo is elegant and timeless. We think it's a bridal hairstyle for all ladies.

Classic with a raw edge

Braid babe Sabrina Dijkman combines in the Chocolate Chip Cookie a loose stroke with a nonchalant braid. Along with a hair ornament from Say Yes to the Dress. Also this color has high and low lights so it mixes with many hair colors.

Princess Sissi in a modern jacket

Elegant like Princess Sissi, but with a modern edge. Sabrina Dijkman created here with the Chocolate Brown a meter long braid. You can give it your own twist. This full colour is not a mix, but has a natural warm glow and is often a perfect match for women with brown dyed hair.

Pretty pastel

Nicole Drege gets the best out of the Silver Grey by combining it with a powdery pink hairpiece by Say Yes to the Dress. This color is also great as a stabbing version!

Hollywood vintage

Bride and Beauty Netherlands made a beautiful vintage hairstyle. Especially for all Classy Brides. For this she has the Latte Highlights used. And what is a vintage look without pearls from bruidenbeautyshop.nl?

The bun-knot

In this bridal updo is the Medium Brown processed to create a nice full bun. Bride and Beauty Netherlands give an extra elegant twist to the hairstyle by finishing it with a hair ornament. Because you can never have enough glitter and sparkle! Certainly not on your big day.

Mistic Majestic *espresso

If your hair color resembles the intense color of espresso then it needs little to shine. When you get a little glamour from the Espresso Brown to add, like TresJolie did, you'll be walking in majestic chic all day long. Also because of the volume you deserve the name Royal Highness!

Mistic Majestic *dark blonde

Thanks to TresJolie we have the luxury to show a variant of The Mistic Majestic with a set of Dark Blonde. You can't get Royaler!

Boho Bride

Remember what we said about Sabrina Dijkman? Right, that it's a braid babe. And here she proves it again. One of our most popular colors is the Latte Highlights. Why is that? Because you can go ALL ways with it. Hollywood Vintage, Boho Bride...? This color makes everything possible.

Boho Braid

Another lady who braids for her life is The Updo Girl. In this haircut she has a Clip-in Braid Latte Highlights used. This is one lane of 3 cm wide. But don't underestimate this dot, because you make the most beautiful braids with it!

Basic Boho

Multitalent Marlieke (owner Zascha Hair) combined this half updo with a loose curl. These curls you get by a curling tongs with diameter 25mm. A simple hairstyle that gives you a clear style. With the mixed colour Melted Blonde the high and low lights come out beautifully and provide a hairstyle with lots of depth.

"From elegant updo to boho braid and from minimalist to majestic: which dream hairstyle do you choose?"

How do I style my bridal hairstyle?

Probably dolls the questions 'how do I choose a bridal hairstyle and how do I style it?! in your head at the sight of all these beautiful bridal hairstyles. It's not that complicated, but you (your stylist!) need to know how natural it is. In the blog about your perfect bridal hairstyle with clip-in extensions you'll find our tips on how to get your dream hairstyle created without worries. Good luck! ❤


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