Deploying your clip-in hair extensions

From short hair to long hair whenever you want!

Have you just ordered a beautiful set of clip-in hair extensions or do you already have them and can't wait to use them? In this blog with video we show you step by step how to easily get full and long hair in a few minutes. Especially if you are going to use your clip-ins for the first time, this will help you enormously! With clip-in hair extensions you don't have to choose between short or long hair. You can easily clip your long locks in and out. How ideal is that?

What's so nice about the Zascha extensions is that the clips are super sturdy and stable. They have a silicone grip so you can use the track well and they do not fall out. All you have to do is click the clip-ins open and close.

"They have a silicone grip so you can use the track properly and they don't fall out."

Okay, almost there. But hey, betting is really easy! You just need to know how. So without further ado, let's get strated! What you need: Your full set of clip-in extensions and a mirror. The following items are also very handy!

1. Brush your own hair and part it off.

Start by brushing your own hair with a soft brush. Preferably use a TangleTeezer®, this brush used by professionals can be used with dry and wet hair and prevents your hair from breaking. Then make a straight horizontal parting at the bottom of your neck and secure the rest of your hair with a hair clip.

"For extra strength, you can touch the hair at the roots..."

For extra strength, you can touch the hair at the roots and spray some hairspray on it. This does not always have to be done, but with smoother/fine hair it can give just that little bit more grip. For touring you use a touring brush.

2. Start with the 3 clips wefts.

Now take the track with 3 clips. Brush it well before you put it in your hair. Start carefully at the points and work carefully upwards. Any tangles can be gently pulled apart with your fingers. Then find the middle of your hair and clip the middle clip into the root of your hair.

"Make sure you clip as close to the base as possible so it's secure."

Make sure that you clip as close to the start as possible so that it sits securely. Then clip the left and right side firmly in place. You do the other weftsone in exactly the same way. Just above the first clipped track make a new horizontal separation and clip in the second 3 clip track.

3. Insert the wider 4 clipswefts.

Separate a thin straight piece of hair from ear to ear right above your second clip and secure the rest of your hair with a hair clip. In the set there is one two 4 clips track of 1 of 20cm wide. This puts you right under the parting again. Do you have an Exclusive set? Then you have an extra job of 25cm!

"Place the 4 clips track 20cm wide at ear height"

Now make a horizontal parting about 5cm below the crown of your head and reattach the rest of your hair. Take the second 4 clips track of 20cm and clip the track as you used the previous weftsone. Now all the big weftsones on the back of your head are clipped in and only the small ones are left.

Insert the narrow 2 and 1 clipswefts.

The set includes two 2 clips weftsand two 1 clipwefts. These narrow weftsadd volume to the sides and make sure everything flows together nicely. On the side of your head, about 5cm above your ear, make a horizontal parting and clamp the rest of your hair with a hair clip. Take the 2 clips track and clip it in place.

"These narrow weftsadd volume to the sides and make everything blend together nicely."

Then you separate part of your hair above the 2 clip track and fix your own hair. Brush the 1 clip track and fix it as close to the roots as possible above the two clip track. Repeat on the other side of your head. Brush your hair and check in mirror that all are weftsinvisible, especially at the back.

And you're ready!

Remember that the first few times (just like everything else) it's practice to quickly deploy your clip-ins. Sit in front of the mirror, if you have time, and make the process your own. Once you've got it, you'll be done in a few minutes! The Zascha team wishes you lots of fun with your full, long lures!

"...for the ladies who do have the time but just don't feel like it, no one is judging you..."

For the hardworking ladies who don't have the time to read this blog completely or for the ladies who do have the time but just don't feel like it, no one is judging you, we have a special "How to: Deploying your clip-in hair extensions" video made. Sit back, relax, and learn.

2 comments on "Deploying your clip-in hair extensions"

  1. Donya says:


    I would like to order clip ins from you but I have very thin/fine hair.
    How many grams of extensions are best for thin/fine hair and don't you see the clip ins when I have them in because my hair is thin and fine?

    Thank you in advance!

    Best regards,
    Donya Taha

    • Loraine Drenth says:

      Hi, Donya,

      For thin hair I recommend the Deluxe 50cm - 160 grams. It's always a matter of deciding which method of insertion suits you best but especially for thin hair I recommend to start with 1 row of 3-clips and 1 row of 4-clips. In this way you can also do much longer with your set because you have the other wefts as a "reserve" 😉 I would not slightly touch the start where you insert the weft but just above the inserted weft make a separate horizontal separation and touch it very slightly, this creates a kind of "cover" for your clip-ins. I understand that this is quite a lot of information so I'll leave you a link here that can help you [Insert Clip-ins]! If you have any questions after this, we will of course be there for you!


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