Deluxe 50cm - 160 grams

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Light Brown Clip in extensions 50cm long

These Deluxe set clip-in extensions are made of 100% Indian Human Hair. The set is of double drawn quality, which means that there are no shorter hairs in the set and so the mats have very nice full points. The set has a weight of 160 grams and is therefore suitable for thin-normal hair. The set has a length of 50cm and consists of 7 (weftswefts).


Of this, 1 track is packed separately so you can judge the color, quality and length properly. The weftsare double wefted, which means that two are sewn on weftstop of each other. This makes the clip-in extensions blend perfectly with your own hair! We also use a multi tone coloring, this again ensures a nice match with your own hair color, even if it is slightly different from the extensions. the structure of the hair is Natural Straight, which means that the hair is straight and that after washing it a light stroke can come in.