Help! Help! Which set of clip-in extensions should I choose?

Which extensions to choose?

Okay, you're out! You want longer, fuller hair using clip-in extensions. Yay! But then... you still have to choose the kind of extensions. You can choose from different types of clip-in extensions for a complete lengthening or thickening. We also offer separate weftsextensions (the volumizers), these can be used for extra volume or as an addition to a whole set.

What lengths and dimensions does the clip in extensions of Zascha Hair have?

Complete set

A complete set consists of 7 or 8 weftsand is suitable if you really want your hair longer. Because you place several weftsbetween your own hair you get a nice distribution over your head and a natural result. You can also use a complete set of clip ins what more vary. So you can also use the narrower weftsones when you want to make a braid a little fuller!

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You only use a volumizer for a thickening of your own hair, you can then best keep your own length. Did you know that extensions can also let your curls sit better? If normally your curl swells in no time, an extra job in your hair will give you a lot more extra hold!

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You can choose from 3 lengths: 40cm, 50cm and 60cm. The 40cm comes to the chest, the 50cm comes to 5cm under the chest and the 60cm to the lower back.

Which extensions to choose

Which set of clip-in extensions fits my hair best and which one should I choose?

Which set is most suitable for your hair depends on a number of things.
  • Do you have thin/normal/thick hair?
  • How is your hair cut (in which model)?
  • Do you want just a thickening or also an extension?
  • How long do you want your hair?

Do you have thin/normal/thick hair?

When you have thin or fine hair yourself, you need less hair to create a beautiful extension. The 120 grams in 40cm or the 160 grams in 50cm will do. But when your hair is not very fragile you can also go for one of the Exclusive sets, these are a bit heavier so preferably only use when your own hair is strong and healthy!

What model did you cut your hair into?

Do you have your hair in layers? Lucky you! You'll need less hair to get the extensions blended properly. So suppose you have normal hair in layers, then you have enough to the set of 160 grams. But of course you may for an extra full effect (if your budget allows it) also choose the 220 gram set! Do you have normal hair and a straight model? Then we really recommend the 50cm set in 220 grams, because otherwise you will see the overflow with your own hair.

Do you want just a thickening or also an extension?1 lane clip-in extensions 50cm

If you just want a bit more volume and a bit thicker hair, you can also choose our 'Volumizer', this is 1 lane of 50cm long and 25cm wide. This is perfect if you want extra thickness or as an addition to an existing set. Please note: this one is not suitable for an extension, as it will not allow you to create enough 'filling' on your head.

How long do you want your hair?

Do you want a subtle extension... or do you go for the dramatic look and hair up to (almost) your buttocks? 😉 On the image at the top of this message you can see the difference in length between the different sets. Also on our social media channels you will find a lot of examples and pictures! Note again, if you have thin and brittle hair you better play it safe and go for up to 50cm/160 grams.

We hope we've explained it to you a little well... but you're still in doubt, aren't you? No worries! Feel free to contact me. Send an app on 085-2250281, a message via facebook or an email on

We're curious now... what length and thickness are you going for?

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